Inspired by their own sons Lukas and Jakubs’ experience with the InStill Life project in Naramata B.C., Jan and Jennifer Vozenilek brought InStill Life to a school in Guatemala.

As in Canada, students explored food in their homes, community and around the planet and then created beautiful still life paintings of their favourite foods. For almost all of the fifty students, it was the first time they had ever painted. The bold and bright paintings were brought back to Canada where they were photographed and transformed into gift cards. The Penticton chapter of Rotary International sponsored the printing costs of the cards and soon after the cards went on their way to San Lucas Toliman. They are sold at gift card galleries around British Columbia, on our online store, and if you are in Guatamala, drop by the school and purchase them direct!

Proceeds from these card sales will be used to purchase needed supplies at the students school, and will also go to fund food challenges around the world through, an organization which facilitates micro-lending.

Students at Naramata and Guatemala have exchanged photos and letters and are discovering that despite their different taste in foods, language and experience, that all of us share a love of art, fun and a desire for a better world.